/ / 1.  First press approval of the Large Dot with Carolyn and Sarah  / / 2.  Checking the print run out on the flexographic press  / / 3.  Sarah and Aiden discussing the Micro Dot run  / / 4.  Me pretending to be a ninja with wrapping paper rolls, I must have had a premonition because I definitely dress for the day!  / / 5.  Sarah and Aiden showing off their amazing printing skills  / / 6.  The Gold on Matte Black range, perfection!  / /


Mother's Day always seems to sneak up on me during a busy time of the year. I have been guilty in the past of wrapping my gifts for Mum the morning of (sorry Mum)! And there is nothing worse than finding that the small gift you've bought is just that little bit too awkward of a shape to wrap. So this Mother's Day, rather than giving Mum a gift looking like your Grade 3 craft project, why not create some wrapping paper gift boxes! Perfect for those small items (like jewellery), these can be whipped up nice and quick so your Mum can enjoy not only the gift, but beautiful gift wrapping.  


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We know that most of you don't live at home with Mum so here is your portable breakfast in bed alternative, our super delicious and extra cute Mother's Day Granola! This recipe is so yum and incredibly easy to make. So much so that I've already made a second batch because the first did not last long in the Inky office (Hello, mid-afternoon snack!). We've even given you step by step instructions on how to dress up your mason jars in our new Peach Collection ready to impress Mum!