With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it's time to get romantic! Try our cute Heart Pom Pom DIY to help you add a lil' extra love to your Valentine's gift. 

You will need:
Heart template (download here
Roll wrap (we used Red Enviro)
Double-sided tape (or glue)Scissors 

1. Carefully cut out your chosen template heart around the black solid line. For our gift we used the small template.
2. Place the template onto the back side of the roll wrap. Carefully trace around the template using a pencil. You will need around 10 heart templates to make your pom pom. The more hearts you add the ‘fluffier’ it will look. TIP: You can use a ruler to keep your roll flat while you trace.

3. Carefully cut out your traced heart shapes. Set aside one heart and lay it (colour side down) on your work space. This will be your base heart.
4. Fold all your remaining hearts in half down the middle with the back of the heart facing outwards.
5. Attach double sided tape to the left side of the heart stopping at the centre point.

6. Place a folded heart on top of the flat one, ensuring that the centres align.

7. Fold down the left side of the heart, aligning the edges, and push down to secure. Repeat this step until you have added all your hearts. Once you have attached all your folded hearts to the pom pom you can secure the final right flap to the bottom heart using double sided tape.

8. Once complete you can trim any roughly matched edges to ensure no white shows through.
9. Attach the heart to your gift using double-sided tape. It is now ready to give to that special someone.


Happy Valentine’s Day!