As Easter is quickly approaching (how is it already half way through March?!), we have designed a little Easter DIY to help you spice up your egg gift giving using our NEW Easter Seals! Great for parties or as a sneaky lil’ Easter gift for friends, family or work buddies. 

You will need: 
Wrapping Paper (we used Polka Dot from our Carnival Range)
Double-Sided Tape
Easter Seals
Ribbon (Optional - we used Paper Synthetic Ribbon in Pink)

Step 1. Measure and cut out a square of wrapping paper. For our design we used 16cm x 16cm squares, but you can increase or decrease this depending on the lollies you choose to fill your pockets.

Step 2. Lay the square flat on your work station colour side down with a corner point facing towards you. Gently fold in the bottom corner around 5mm from the edge.

Step 3.
Create a cone shape by curling in the left and right points. Use double sided sticky tape to stick the top flap in place. 

Step 4. Fill your pocket with eggs or lollies. 

Step 5. Fold down the top flap and secure with an Easter Seal. You can also embellish the seal with some ribbon. Happy Chocolate Feasting!