A lazy Sunday, the sun streaming into the bedroom as you lie in your warm, comfy bed. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Well why not add to that perfection with breakfast in bed. Now, why not do that for Mum! We have a new DIY project for you that means your lovingly made breakfast this Mother's Day won't be forgotten after the last bite. Below are our step by step instructions for making a beautiful tray and coaster set using our new Hot Pink Collection.


You will need:

Wooden Tray (We got ours from Ikea)
Wrapping Paper (We used Mini Check Hot Pink)
Screw Driver 
Spray Adhesive
Craft Scalpel 
Cutting Mat
Clear Lacquer 

Step 1. Unscrew one end of the tray. 
Step 2. Remove the end piece and slide out the base tray board from the frame. 

Step 3. Lay your wrapping paper out face down. You will need to cut a piece long enough to cover the base of the tray. 

Step 4. Apply the spray adhesive onto the top side of the tray board. Remember to cover your work space with old paper to protect it. 

Step 5. Place the tray board onto the back of the paper (sticky side down) aligning it with the wrapping paper pattern. 

Step 6. Flip the board and paper over and smooth out any bubbles. 

Step 7. Flip the board back onto the front and using a craft scalpel trim down the edges of the paper.  Don’t forget to place a cutting mat under your work.

Step 8: At this time you can apply a light coat of clear lacquer or varnish to the front of your tray board to ensure that your paper is protected against spills. Leave this to dry for around 24 hours before commencing to Step 9. 

Step 9. Slide the board back into the tray frame and screw the end panel back on. 

Spoil mum with breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day!

Tip: You can also make some cute coasters using the technique above. We've used Moroccan Mandala Hot Pink.