Mums love handmade goodies, am I right? I don't know about you, but my Mum has a massive collection of drawings, cards and notes from my childhood hidden away in a box that she refuses to throw out (some of which are so scribbled they are barely legible). It's always nice to know that someone has gone to a lil' extra effort to make you feel special, and Mum deserves it most of all. 

So here are five quick cards you can whip up using kraft card and some Inky Co. products to help you make Mum feel ultra spesh this Mother's Day. 

1. Micro White Dot Kraft & Gold Glitter Hearts

2. Mamata Kraft & Gold Foil Poly Ribbon

3. Twisted Twine Black and White & Wire Stars Gold

4. Plain Gold Seals

5. White Stripe Kraft Belli Band, Paper Bow Gold on Kraft & Gold Foil Poly Ribbon

Use your own personal taste to create cards to suit the size and style of your gift. For gift wrapping don't forget to check out our NEW Mother's Day Kraft papers Mamata Kraft, Micro White Dot Kraft, White Stripe Kraft and Mama Ocllo KraftAnd for those of you with little time to craft-it-up this Mother's Day you can also purchase our gold foil Love Envelope Cards.