With the Easter break just a week away, here is a cute DIY to help you snazz up your easter gift giving with some uber cute Bunny Ears. We highly recommend that all gifts given be filled with chocolate. Happy Easter! 

You will need: 
Bunny Ears Template 
Kraft Card
Double-Sided Tape (or Glue)
Roll Wrap (We used Mamata Kraft Belli-Band and Micro White Dot Kraft Wrap)
Pom Pom White Ribbon
Pom Pom Baby Pink Ribbon
Satin 10mm Black Ribbon
Black Raphiella 

Step 1. Wrap your gift.

Step 2. Cut out your bunny ears pieces from the template. For this design we used the small template.

Step 3. Using a pencil to trace around the inside ear pieces on a section of your belli-band. These will form the inside pattern on the ears. Next trace around the main bunny ear piece on a section of kraft card. 

Step 4. Cut out all your traced pieces.

Step 5. Using a glue stick or double-sided tape attach the inside ear pieces to the main ear piece. 

Step 6. Fold along the base and secure the ears to your present using double-sided tape.

Step 7. Wrap a cute bow around the top of your present to hide where the ears are stuck down.

Step 8. Using your pom pom ribbon, create your nose and tail pieces by wrapping the ribbon into small bunches. Attach some short pieces of raphiella to your pink nose to make the whiskers.

Step 9. Secure your tail, whiskers and nose pieces onto your gift using double sided tape to complete your bunny! 

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