/ / 1.  First press approval of the Large Dot with Carolyn and Sarah  / / 2.  Checking the print run out on the flexographic press  / / 3.  Sarah and Aiden discussing the Micro Dot run  / / 4.  Me pretending to be a ninja with wrapping paper rolls, I must have had a premonition because I definitely dress for the day!  / / 5.  Sarah and Aiden showing off their amazing printing skills  / / 6.  The Gold on Matte Black range, perfection!  / /

We're very excited about our new Gold on Matte Black range. Recently we decided to stop printing on the Enviro paper stock and move to a brighter Eco stock. It's 90 GSM, 100% recycled and from Sweden. So far, they printing results have been beautiful! But back to the point, the other day we were running the Matte Black when Carolyn had the genius idea to print our Large Dot over the top in gold. It looked so good that we ended up printing the Micro Dot and the Stripe too! As you can see they all look amazing and the whole Inky crew was blown away by the result. I guess that's the joy of printing everything in house, you get to play around and you stumble upon some pretty amazing things! Chloe x

I'm calling the images below PRINTING ACCORDING TO MY IPHONE, enjoy!