Our office has been jazzed up! Over the year we have been transforming the Inky Co. space into a lovely office and meeting area. Here is your look behind the scenes of the Inky Co. design hub. 

Over time we have realised our love for novelty animals, so Barry (our resident Flamingo) got a girlfriend! We named her Barrietta (obviously) and they are our office Romeo and Juliette.

We also (with much help from Harry and Rob) installed our peg wall display, that we used this year at Life Instyle, in our meeting room. It really completes the space and means we have heaps of room to create displays. 

Our collection of prints from Finders Keepers are also showcased. These will be available soon on our website! Stay tuned.

The office has really turned into a lovely place to work. Bring on more interior decorating! (And trips to Ikea - the land of happiness).