An easy and cute little DIY for you just in time for Easter: a perfect little goodie bags (full of chocolate) for all your loved ones! 

You will need: 

1 x Rectangle box (we used a piece of styrofoam as a template)
1 x Roll wrap (we used Eco Harlequin Gelati)
Double-sided sticky tape 


1 x Ribbon (we used Satin 10mm in Sky Blue)

Step 1. Place your box down on your roll wrap towards the bottom of the sheet, leaving enough space to seal the bottom closed.

Step 2. Instead of sealing the box down the centre of the box you will be sealing it on the long right hand edge. Fold over your paper to check you have enough to seal the gift along the side edge, and cut the length required.

Step 3. Seal closed the side using double-sided tape.

Step 4. Seal closed the bottom end of the bag using double-sided tape. 

Step 5. Trim down any excess from the top of your paper bag.

Step 6. Remove your box from the centre of the bag. You will now have a formed bag. 

Step 7. Pinch in the sides of the bag to bring the top together. 

Step 8. Fill your bag with goodies and fold over the top of the bag. At this point you simply seal it closed with some double-sided tape or continue on. 

Optional: Add a ribbon or decoration

Step 9. Using a hold punch, create two holes through the folded section of the bag

Step 10. Thread some ribbon through and finish with a bow. Give away your super cute goodie bag to anyone who loves chocolate (so lets face it - anyone!).
Happy Easter!