The best way to get your gift wrapping skills up to pro-level is to start with the basics. In this tutorial we will show you a few simple ways to adorn your wrapped with with embellishments. This helps your present to stand out from the pack, because half the fun of gifts is unwrapping them!


You will need:
Wrapping Paper
Gift Seals
Belli Band
Metallic Cord
Gift Tags

We have used Red Gloss Roll WrapMini Dot Red Belli BandMetallic Silver CordPlain Red SealsRed Christmas Tags and Herringbone Striped Red Ribbon

Step 1. Wrap your gift in your chosen wrapping paper. Tip: where possible we transfer awkward shaped objects into a gift box before wrapping. This gives you nice need corners on your gift and makes wrapping it much easier.

Step 2. Secure down the folded ends with a plain gift seal. 

Step 3. Add a Belli Band! Belli Bands are great for creating contrast using colours and patterns. 

Step 4. Tie your metallic cord or twisted twine around your gift bringing the loose ends together at the top. Don't tie them into a complete knot just yet.

Step 5. Create a 'figure of 8' loop out of your second ribbon with the cut ends facing outwards. Make sure the ends are the same length.

Step 6. Using your cord/twine, tie it around the middle of your ribbon loop to create a 'faux bow' on the  top of your gift.

Step 7. Write your note on your gift tag and secure it to your gift using cord or a mini peg. Give your snazzy looking gift to your loved one!