This easy and quick Bunny Whiskers DIY is guaranteed to add all the cuteness to your gift wrapping this Easter. 


You Will Need: 
Inky Co. Bunny Whiskers Template printed on thick white paper (Download it

Step 1: Wrap your gift using your chosen roll wrap and double-sided tape.

Step 2: Cut out your bunny from the printed card. 

Step 3: Using your thumbtack pierce holes where the whisker holes are. Wiggle the thumbtack around to widen the holes if necessary. 

Step 4. Thread the
Metallic Cord through the bottom right hole leaving enough cord to tie it at the back later. 

Step 5. Wrap the cord around the back of your gift, threading it through the holes on alternating sides. Repeat this until all the whiskers are done and you have the end of the cord at the back of the gift. 

Step 6. Tie the loose ends together at the back. You can also trim down the ends and secure them down with a Clear Seal

Step 7. You're done! All ready for when the Easter Bunny arrives.