In one of our cutest DIYs yet, make your Mother's Day gift wrapping really stand out with a Dip Dyed Tassel! 

You Will Need: 
Twisted Twine (we used Natural)
Wrapping Paper (Eco Proteas)
Ribbon (Plain Jute Hot Pink)
Ink or Dye
Disposable Cup 

Step 1. Begin by placing your twine length ways on the note pad leaving a 'tail' hanging down the bottom. 

Step 2. Wind your twine around the note pad approximately 15 times. You can increase or decrease this number depending on how thick you want your tassel to be. 

Step 3. Cut the twine away from the spool at the bottom, leaving another 'tail' of twine. 

Step 4. Cut two lengths of twine to approximately 60cm in length. 

Step 5. Gently remove your looped twine from the note pad ensuring that it stays in formation. Fold one of your 60cm lengths of twine in half and loop in through the top of your twine and pull tight to secure in place. This will be used to hang your tassel. 

Step 6. Using your second 60cm length of twine, create a loop like shown in the image above with a 'tail' at the top and a 'loop' at the bottom. NOTE: We have used a contrasting colour twine in this picture to help show you how the next part works. 

Step 7. Holding your looped piece in place against the top of the bunch of twine, wind the long end of the twine around the top of tassel over the new loop. Ensure that you keep the 'tail' and 'loop' free at the top and bottom. Continue winding your twine around until you have been around 6-7 times, keeping the lines tight together and stacked on top of each other. 

Step 8. Once you are done winding, thread the end of the twine through the bottom 'loop'. 

Step 9. Pull the top 'tail' upwards until the bottom 'loop' pulls the end of the string under the wrapped section. 

Step 10. Trim the top piece close to the wound section. You can also trim the bottom if you have chosen a contrasting twine colour. Carefully tuck any loose pieces under the wound section. 

Step 11. Trim the tassel ends. 

Step 12. Pour a small amount of your ink or dye into a disposable cup. If you are using a water-based ink you can dilute it with water. 

Step 13. Holding your tassel at the top, gently dip your tassel ends into the ink. Swish the tassel around to help cover each strand of the twine. Dry them off using paper towel to stop them dripping while they dry.

Step 14. Once you have the desired colour, remove your tassel and hang it up to dry. We used a wire basket to create a hanging frame. 

Step 15. Wrap your gift as usual and once your tassels are dry, attach them to your gift!