Inky Co. is the only dedicated designer and manufacturer of printed wrapping paper in Australia.

What does this mean? We’re a small, family run business employing eleven staff who design, print, pack and dispatch from one building in Braeside, Victoria. We have been bucking the tread of cheap wrapping paper imports since 2011. Instead we choose to produce quality products using sustainable practices over fast profits. We love what we do and we don’t believe in hurting our environment to do it.

Here is how we promote sustainability within our business

In the broader community

• In 2010 our parent company, The Wrapping Paper Company, became an inaugral investor in Hepburn Wind, a community owned windfarm in Daylesford, Victoria.

• In 2016 The Wrapping Paper Company signed the Victorian Government Take2 pledge and became a founding partner in Take2.

In our manufacturing

• In 2014 Inky Co. installed a 60 Kw Solar system onto the roof of our factory. This system provides 100% of all the power that Inky Co. uses, however not always at the same time as when we use the power.

• Inky Co. uses 100% Greenpower accredited wind energy supplied by Powershop to supplement our power usage. Ranked Australia’s greenest power company by Greenpeace for two years running and backed by Meridian Energy, Australasia's largest 100% renewable generator. 

• Inky Co. sources accredited carbon offset natural gas supplier Powershop to ensure a zero carbon footprint for our gas useage.

• The paper we print on is sourced from accredited paper mills supplying international Chain of Custody certified paper products.

• Our brown kraft and matte white wrapping paper stocks include a minimum 30% recycled content and may be up to 100% .

• The non-recycled content of our wrapping paper stock is milled from sustainable plantation forest with a certified chain of custody.

• All inks used in manufacturing are either water based or ethanol solvent based manufactured in Australia.

• All inks used do not contain heavy metals or other chemicals that may harm the environment.

• Inky Co.’s manufacturing process utilises 99% of all materials appropriated. All waste is recycled.

• Our paper waste is recycled via Visy recycling.

• Ink waste is refined into clean solvent and residue ink solids, which are then incinerated. This is all undertaken by an EPA controlled industrial waste disposal company.

• Inky Co. has installed LED lighting throughout the factory.

In our packaging and distribution 

• All goods shipped by Inky Co. are packed in recycled cardboard cartons and protected by stuffing 100% recycleable tissue paper.

• Inky Co. uses Australia Post to deliver its products Australia wide. Australia Post has put in place an Environment Management System, which focuses on the environmental impacts of everyday operations. AusPost is also a signatory to the Federal Government's Greenhouse Challenge program, National Packaging Covenant and Buy Recycled Alliance.

In our office and design studio

• All Inky Co. staff are regularly informed about the environmental impact of our manufacturing process and the impact of the waste that they may create if they are not careful.

• Inky Co. has installed LED lighting throughout the office.

• Inky Co. has installed a leading edge, energy efficient air compression system.

• Inky Co. has replaced an outdated air conditioning systems with the latest energy efficient, split systems, in our office complex. What plans has Inky Co. for future environmental impact reduction?

• Inky Co. is researching the future installation of storage batteries to store energy created by our solar system.